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How To Save Money on Taxi Insurance

As a taxi driver, you already have a number of overheads you need to clear before you start making a profit…from your settle to your car payments and then, of course, there’s your insurance.  As we sit here about to enter 2022, we know it’s

A guide to taking children to school in a taxi

If you’re a taxi driver and you regularly take children to school, then did you know that you are responsible, by law, for the child, right up until care has been handed over to the school?  Not just when they get out of your cab,

Does My Business Need Fleet Insurance?

If your business has more than one vehicle which is used primarily for business then fleet insurance will insure them all on one policy, often saving you money and always saving you time.  Keeping track of the renewal dates and policy features of a number

Why Is Taxi Insurance Important?

If you’re considering a move into the gig economy and becoming a taxi or Uber driver then you need to ensure you have the right taxi insurance to protect you and your passengers.  Regular car or van insurance usually becomes invalid if you’re carrying a